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ABC Moving Systems – Packing Services

A+ Rated Packing Services Since 1993 – 818-745-2542

Packing ServicesPacking is an important component of the moving process. Experienced packing of your goods can mean the difference between your goods remaining safe and your goods breaking.

During a move, we load your boxes onto the moving truck among the rest of your items. Along the way the truck may hit bumps, potholes, turn sharply, or create other kinds of movement. This is where proper packing is essential to the safety of your items.

The majority of our customers do their own pre-move packing. However, some customers are either too busy, not capable of packing, or simply don’t want to do any packing.

ABC Moving Systems offers partial and full packing services. Our packers are fully experienced and can handle all of your packing needs.

This includes packing of dishes, china, stemware, glassware, kitchen and dining room items, lamps, electronics, linens, books, office items, bedroom items, fake plants, pictures, mirrors, and any of the many other items that require packing.

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